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Winter Spare the Air Alert in the Bay Area

Posted on November 25, 2013
by Susana Escamilla


Throughout this year air quality has been a big topic because more and more individuals are educating themselves on the health effects that both the air quality outside and indoors can affect their environment. There are also several resources and companies that help individuals gain more information on maintaining the indoor air and outdoor air healthy. Our company helps those in the Bay area with indoor air solutions. In conjunction with the indoor air solutions we provide in the Bay Area community, there are also resources that provides you with helpful information. One of those resources that can help many individuals is “Spare the Air.” As winter is approaching, particulates matter or soot form in the atmosphere. When it becomes cold, these particulates can be bad for your health and a Winter Spare the Air Alert becomes necessary.

The Air District in the Bay are issues this type of alert when particulate matter becomes unhealthy and when this alert takes place, it is illegal for Bay Area residents to burn wood, solid fuels in wood stoves, fireplaces and other wood burning devices. As of today, Winter Spare the Air Alert is in effect. According to “Spare the Air” recent tweet,”Wood burning produces about one-third of the particulate pollution on a typical winter night.” The particulates that emits in the air when wood is burned can travel inside the lungs and make it difficult for individuals who have respiratory issues to breathe easily. This alert is not only an alert to help the outdoor environment but help a community. These are small steps to protect the health of others and the overall environment. If you are in need of indoor air solutions for your home or for your company, AirTek offers several indoor air solutions for several industries.To follow other indoor and outdoor air news, be part of our Facebook Community Page and join the conversation via Twitter.

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