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Wildfire Breaks Out in Bel-Air Causing Air Pollution

Posted on June 16, 2020
by Vinay Panday

Los Angeles was set ablaze once more when a brush fire ignited in the Sepulveda district. The area just east of the 405 freeway has been notorious for recent wildfires and this was a scene all too familiar for local residents.

Wildfires lead to excessive smog when permeating the air. The devastation is not always immediate through the sheer destruction caused to properties however, the smoke creates air pollution. The hazardous nature of wildfires is a further concern as the particles contained in the wildfires that create the air pollution could be detrimental to one’s health. The distance that a wildfire could spread is usually vast and extensive and is on average hundreds of miles from the burn site.

A further complication of these dangerous catastrophes is the impact on those with weakened immune systems. Those people with underlying respiratory conditions are more prone and susceptible to the calamity cause by these disasters. These disasters could turn potentially fatal and be a possible cause of death.

In recent times, counties and regions around wildfire hotspots have had to contend with very poor air quality. The smog and fine particles circulated by these fires have resulted in reduced air quality and not so clean air to breathe.

AirTek Indoor Air Solutions, a leader in the providing in air quality solutions, has the expertise to address any concerns or needs that wildfire smoke may bring. The benefit of contracting with a company such as AirTek Indoor Air Solutions, is that our trained technicians can provide the best solution to help minimize the risk that wildfires could bring to your residence or business by offering an airduct cleaning service that can eliminate the particles that are transmitted through the ductwork and HVAC system. Although the control of wildfires may not be possible, the professional method of having the ducts cleaned and sanitized will protect your health and assist towards your wellbeing. Contact AirTek Indoor Air Solutions for a free estimate today.

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