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Why Indoor air quality matters

Posted on July 19, 2013
by Susana Escamilla


“Poor indoor air quality lists as the fourth largest environmental threat to our country”- The Environmental Protection Agency

The fact that poor air quality is ranked among one of the highest environmental threat to our country is something to be concerned about. We can sometimes feel the effects of poor indoor air quality by having the symptoms of sneezing, eye irritation, dizziness and fatigue. These are symptoms that can happen in our work place or at home. When we have these symptoms it is because the indoor air quality may be contaminated. The air conditioning or the ventilation may not be working appropriately and causing these symptoms. According to the American Lung Association an average individual can spend 60 to 90% of their time inside a home or in a work environment.

Fresh air needs to come indoors while dirty indoor air needs to go outside. Maintain the air ducts clean can eliminate other chemicals and prolonged the exposure of chemicals, mold and dust mites. If you are a owner of a commercial building the dust and dirt accumulates significantly when your business is close to lots of trees, factories, and busy intersections.

A professional who is certified can clean the air ducts and pin point what may have been the cause of an air duct being dirty. Air-tek can help you maintain the air quality in your commercial property. If you are concern of the air quality contact Air-tek. Our services can be offered near your commercial property.


{Below is an informative infographic of the importance of air quality}

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