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Why Hiring a Professional for Duct Cleaning is Important

Posted on August 14, 2013
by Susana Escamilla

A professional duct cleaning is a good way to keep indoor air from being contaminated with mold, dust, and small inhalable particles. Only a professional should be trusted to open the access doors and make any necessary holes to reach inside when there are no doors. the visible presence of dirt and excessive dust is a good sign that it is time for maintenance, there are many parts of a heating and cooling system that are hidden from the casual glance. An inspection is typically performed first, because the presence of unsafe materials, like asbestos, often means that a special contractor will have to come and take over the task. Usually, high efficiency particle air equipment is used in this process to prevent carpets or other vents from being contaminated with the debris that is removed from the ducts.

Hiring a professional will determine the problem. At AIRTEK we utilize state of the art video inspection equipment. We use video inspections, dryer duct inspection and a lightweight, 55 gallon HEPA drum vacuum system. Another great perk of hiring a professional is that since a professional can determine the problem we can fix it. When choosing a professional make sure that they are certified. Look for professionals who are certified by the National Air Duct Cleaning Association. AIRTEK is an Energy Star Partner and also the member of the Green Mechanical Council and the Indoor Air Quality Association. To learn more tips, like our Facebook Community Page.



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