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Why Clean Your Ducts?

Posted on March 19, 2013
by Wendy Stackhouse
Exhaust air ducts
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Because they get dirty!  See you Thursday!

Just kidding!  You need to know the benefits of having a clean HVAC system!

Energy Savings

As we have discussed on the blog, a dirty system works harder, uses more energy and has a shorter lifespan, needing to be replaced more often.  The Department of Energy tells us that 25-40 percent of heating and cooling energy is wasted!

During normal use, the filters in your HVAC system will eventually fill up with particles and need to be replaced with clean filters that work efficiently.  The cost of clean filters is dwarfed by the cost of energy in today’s market.

Indoor Air Quality

We spend most of our time indoors and the air we breathe there can be much more polluted than the outside air, even in major metropolitan areas.  Buildings are very well insulated and sealed to keep heat and air conditioning in, but it becomes difficult for airborne contaminants to escape.

In addition, the occupants of a building make their own air pollution like dust, dander and chemicals from cleaning products, carpeting and furniture.  Recirculation of all of these contaminants throughout the day causes buildup in the ducts.

Although you may not have a “sick building,” contaminants in your HVAC system may be contributing to allergic reactions, lost productivity and health problems for those with respiratory challenges like asthma.

Having a clean HVAC system is worth the cost—especially since the cost of cleaning is so much less than the extra energy it takes to run a dirty system and the even greater liability for replacing the system when it has reached the end of its working life.  AirTek offers commercial and residential duct cleaning services all over California and we would be very happy to talk to you about cleaning your HVAC system as well as setting up a schedule for routine maintenance!

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