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Which air handling system is best for you

Posted on November 18, 2013
by Susana Escamilla

There are several types of air handling units that can be found in homes and in commercial property buildings. There are two types of air handling units that can be divided into two groups: Unit ventilators and individual heat pump units and central air handling units. Unit ventilators serve single rooms without ducts and individual heat pumps do not recirculate the air between rooms.Central air handling units on the other hand,serve several rooms via duct work. The main purpose of an HVAC systems is to provide conditioned air to individuals inside any building structure so that they may feel comfortable in an inside environment. According to the EPA, it is more difficult to assure proper maintenance of multiple units over time, because they present additional opportunities for moisture problems through the wall penetration and from drain pan and discharge problems.Moisture problems can lead to mold problems. It is advised to used HVAC systems over unit ventilators because of trying to maintain all single units. For example, HVAC units when properly used and maintained in commercial property buildings will use fifteen to twenty percent less energy.

Even though HVAC systems are out of sight and people will not notice a problem until something goes wrong in the system it is advised to regularly maintain the systems.. Contacting a specialist and duct cleaning service company can provide you a maintenance plan will keep your HVAC system operating well. It is also important to keep the HVAC system regularly maintain to ensure trouble free operation problems and ensure the systems work while peak seasons. Checking the HVAC systems before the cold and hot season can help you avoid a system failure during hot and cold weather. If you have any questions with your HVAC systems our professional technicians can answer your concerns and if you need any indoor solutions, AirTek can be of assistance. You may also contact us via our social media sites, Facebook and Twitter.

*Below is an infographic that provides information on HVAC systems by Line/Space/Shape.You can click HERE to view the infogarphic and see more infographics provided by Line/Space/Shape.


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