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“Where there is smoke there is fire”

Posted on July 17, 2013
by Susana Escamilla



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“Food Safety is in America’s mind.” Many individuals are concern not only about their food but also about the environment where they eat out and dine in. According to the National Restaurant Association 76% of individuals would feel more confident in a restaurant that displays food safety training certificates in public areas. Below is an info-graphic provided by the National Restaurant Association with facts about the safety concerns in restaurants.

Food safety certificates are displayed where everyone could see them but the kitchen is only displayed to the employers. The kitchen is the foundation of providing quality food service. Maintaining the kitchen for your restaurant will help your staff be safe and prevent any fires. Half of any property damage in a restaurant starts in the kitchen area that can interfere with the exhaust system.

How frequent a restaurant or fast food restaurant should maintain their kitchen varies. For a fast food chain restaurant averages to 60 days and an average restaurant is 90 days. Between those times grease and residue accumulates. It is important to keep the kitchen appliance hood clean to keep the kitchen ventilation exhaust system working properly.

Airtek has a history of being certified and trained to perform kitchen exhaust cleaning. Airtek’s goal is to clean and help protect your valuable asset from the threat of fire in your kitchen exhaust system. Airtek cleans the hood, plenum, duct risers, filtration system and filters, grease boxes, kitchen equipment, exhaust fans, washable ceilings, floors, commercial kitchens, ductwork, and rooftop, to the applicable NEPA codes. For updates on the blog and connecting with our experts like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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