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Where Does the Grease Go, Anyway?

Posted on May 07, 2013
by Wendy Stackhouse

Kitchen fire

One of the many services offered by AirTek is Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning. If you don’t own a restaurant, you may not know what kind of a project this is. A residential kitchen vent system needs cleaning, too, but not like that in a restaurant.

Kitchen exhaust hoods get coated in grease and, if left long to collect, can start a fire. In fact, many restaurant fires are caused by grease that has collected in the area above the cooking surface. Keeping this area clean is an important part of restaurant safety.

But where does all that grease go when you clean it out?

Typically, it goes into storm drains–not ideal, needless to say.

AirTek is proud to announce that we are becoming a distributor of Superior Restaurant Solutions’ EFI exhaust fan waste management system.

This system uses rain water to capture the grease from kitchen exhaust systems and directs the exhaust fan wash water away from storm drains by achieving higher waste recovery rates.

Keeping kitchen exhaust systems clean is essential to preventing fire and maintaining clean food preparation environments, but keeping our outdoor environment clean is important as well. We are happy to add the EFI exhaust fan waste management system to the many offerings of AirTek. Contact us for help keeping your system–and our environment–clean and safe!

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