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What to Consider When Searching for a Professional Exhaust Hood Cleaner

Posted on February 25, 2015
by Vinay Panday

Americans lose property worth an average of $246 million every year due to fires. Kitchens are responsible for at least 50% of these fires, with damages resulting in around $82.2 million. As a homeowner or an apartment manager, you can prevent a kitchen fire by ensuring that your kitchen exhaust system is in working order. Kitchen exhaust hood cleaners remove the accumulated grease that causes extreme fire hazards.

When evaluating which hood cleaner is right for you, here are some considerations to keep in mind:

Must be a member of IKECA

Every member of International Kitchen Exhaust cleaning Association is given a certificate to show that he or she has fulfilled all the conditions for professional exhaust system cleaning. Whenever an exhaust hood cleaner approaches you to hire his or her services, first ask for the certificate. IKECA has been working to ensure that all its technicians maintain high standards of exhaustive hood cleaning services. It regularly provides training and certifications to keep its members updated with any new information regarding professional kitchen exhaust hood cleaning. The certificate is a proof that he or she is a member of IKECA, and has all the relevant skills.

Various cleaning methods

The most basic cleaning method that is a do-it-yourself is hand scrapping. If a hood cleaner approaches you for their services and this is the only method they have, let this be a red flag. Hand scrapping does not require any training or certifications. Those who are trained and certified are taught other complex methods that will keep your kitchen safe and grease-free. One such professional method is steam cleaning, which ensures that exhaust ducts and exhaust hoods are left sparkling clean. A professional cleaner will also have all the tools required for the job. They will be concerned with the levels of grease deposits even after cleaning.

Inclusive service for the whole air control system

Before hiring an exhaust hood cleaner, investigate whether they offer comprehensive services for the air control system. A professional exhaust hood cleaner will be interested to leave your exhaust fan in a working condition. Some of the cleaners ignore such details simply and only engage in cleaning the exhaust hoods and ducts. However, an exhaust fan, for example, should always be in a good condition. When in a good condition, it will blow the greasy air out of the kitchen to avoid fast accumulation on the exhaust hood. Through this, it will highly reduce the occurrence of a fire in the kitchen.

Maintaining a clean and risk-free kitchen will reduce air pollution on your property. Keeping your exhaust hood, exhaust duct, and the whole air control system effective and risk-free will ensure your safety and bring you peace of mind.

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