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Walk Through Inspection

Posted on March 03, 2014
by Susana Escamilla



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We recently, have blogged about some great innovative tools that will be used in the Indoor AIr Quality Industry but there are several equipment that professionals use when testing for air quality indoors. For professionals, those tools indicate them what plan must be done in order to better the air quality indoors but what about consumers. How would we know what is wrong with our environment or what we can do about it to improve the indoor air quality when seek a professional? A walk through inspection is a great way to understand what may be causing poor indoor air quality. There are several factors such as mold and bacteria that can be causing uncomfortable symptoms and therefore poor air quality.

A walk through inspection is part of an IAQ Management Plan. A quick self-inspection is a great method of a walk through. You may do a walk through for example, in your home looking for signs of indoor air quality problems. The Indoor Air Quality Association Inc talks more about ways that can help you identify indoor air quality problems.If you need assistance in improving your indoor air quality, AirTek provides commercial and residential air duct cleaning and indoor air quality services. You may contact your local AirTek Office for additional information on the services we provide.

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