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Volatile Organic Compounds Affect the Air Quality in Schools

Posted on January 15, 2014
by Susana Escamilla


Many contaminants affect the indoor air quality. The indoor air quality in schools has been an issue in the past years. There are indoor air quality management plans that helps schools create plans to create better indoor air environments for students and staff and overall the well being of the students. Of the contaminates that affect the indoor air quality, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) typically can be the cause of poor indoor air quality in schools. Volatile Organic Compounds affect the indoor air quality in schools. Studies have shown that more than half of our schools in this country have problems with proper indoor air quality. The sources that contribute to VOC’s in indoor air and found in schools is paint. There are already issues with lead being in paint and a huge fined recently has been issued to three companies.

That is the reason that more schools are concern about their indoor air quality. The vapors accumulate inside a building and to a point become a health risk. In addition, other sources of VOCs can enter indoor air as a result of vapor migration from contaminated soil or ground water. When we use products that contain VOC’s, we release them in the air and simply around our environment.To learn more about how VOC’s can affect the indoor air quality in schools you may visit for more information. If you would like professional help or have any questions regarding indoor air quality, you may contact us for any questions. AirTek offers several services for many industries. AirTek is an industry leader in commercial and residential duct cleaning, kitchen exhaust hood cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and power washing. With a focus on achieving a cleaner, healthier and more energy- efficient indoor environment.You may also contact us through our social media sites that include Facebook and Twitter.


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