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VOC’s in Schools

Posted on March 17, 2014
by Susana Escamilla



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Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) has been a concern for indoor environments because of the issues that VOC’s can cause to someone. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency complications that may arise while being exposed to VOC’s are headaches, nose and throat discomfort, fatigue, dizziness and other serious symptoms. While keeping this subject in mind, I recently read an interesting interview, by Sherwin Williams paint company. The Vice President of Product Development discusses in fighting airborne pollutants. With the many issues between the big case of lead paint in California, it is great to see that many paint companies are becoming responsible in developing a product that will create a healthy environment including creating a comfortable environment for schools. Sherwin Williams talks about a new product that reduces the exposure of VOC’s.

For instance, the VP of Product Development discusses a new innovative product called, Harmony Paint. Harmony Paint is made up of a zero VOC formula that helps reduces common indoor odors and keeps your room feeling fresh. Since, this paint is a zero VOC formula it is Green Guard Indoor Air Quality Certified and Green Guard Certified for children and schools. A great finding done by Greenguard and Sherwin-Williams was done to validate and ensure that the paint Harmony is promoting better indoor air quality in a school. According to the study, the study showed a 45 percent reduction of VOC’s in rooms painted with Harmony Paint, and a drastic improvement in the air quality in the classroom was seen. Indoor air quality concerns are growing through out the country and more and more schools are concerned about their indoor air quality. Whether you are doing a paint renovation or have other indoor air quality concerns, we can help. If you need assistance in improving your indoor air quality, AirTek provides commercial and residential air duct cleaning and indoor air quality services. You may contact your local AirTek Office for additional information on the services we provide.

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