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VIDEO: Mold Inspection

Posted on March 01, 2012
by Wendy Stackhouse


I love it when the Indoor Air Quality Association comes out with a new video! They do a great job with providing information clearly and have good production values as well.

Today’s offering is a video about how to inspect for mold. Did you know that air sampling is NOT the best way to test for the presence of mold? A thorough visual inspection is the best way to find out if you have a mold problem. Air samples can indicate that a deeper visual inspection is needed, but are no replacement for a visual inspection by a trained professional!

If you discover a mold problem in your home or any structure in California, AirTek and Alliance Environmental Group can help! AirTek will make sure that your ducts and ventilation systems are clean and mold-free. Alliance Environmental Group can kill and remove any sort of mold in a structure from using heat treatment to kill all mold and spores all the way to demolition and safe removal of damaged materials.

Happy first day of March! Spring is in the air and our Spring Newsletter will soon be on its way! We are planning to produce some videos of our own in the coming months, so keep checking back!

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