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VIDEO: Indoor Air Quality and Your Health

Posted on January 23, 2014
by Wendy Stackhouse

We love the tips in this short video from the medical professionals at Sutter Health about indoor air quality!

Of course, the weather here in California almost always lets us open the windows for part of the day, but if you live in a more traditionally wintery climate, you need to be especially aware of what you bring into your indoor air.

Minimize Volatile Organic Compounds as much as possible by buying and using unscented and no- or low-VOC products for home improvements and cleaning.

Resist air fresheners that just add chemicals to your indoor air.

Only use hand-sanitizers when soap and water is not available.

Consider beeswax candles rather than chemical-laden scented options.

Keep your home well ventilated when installing new flooring or furniture to allow the chemicals which are off-gassing to escape outside instead of staying in your indoor air. If you can leave new furniture unwrapped outside for a few days, do so, but definitely keep the windows open as much as possible when you have new furnishings.

Vacuum often to reduce dust and dust mites, but if you or a member of your family is sensitive, allergic or asthmatic, use a high-quality vacuum that doesn’t let particles escape back into the air.

Change your air filters frequently and follow a maintenance schedule for your vents and ducts.

Get some indoor plants–not only do they increase the oxygen and reduce the carbon dioxide in your indoor air, they can also remove chemicals like formaldehyde.

Time to go open a window!

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