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Ventilation is an Important Component in the Kitchen

Posted on October 14, 2013
by Susana Escamilla

Now that it is Fall and Winter is coming up, we tend to spend more times at our homes. In addition, the more time we spend at home and the cooler it becomes, we tend to keep our windows closed. This entire time, ventilation may be at its minimal. We have learned that since we spend a lot of our time indoors, the air quality in our homes can either be bad or good for us. Bad air quality indoors can be as bad as the air outside our homes. One way that homes can become polluted is by not having a well ventilated kitchen exhaust fan. This problem is also a problem for restaurants. Many indoor air pollutants can be found while cooking in a gas stove range. One tip given by Berkeley lab is to cook on the back burners and turn on the fans in a higher setting and also turn on the fans before you start cooking. In a restaurant when there is a high volume of dishes to be prepared maintaining the kitchen exhaust hood clean is important because it can reduce a potential fire hazard since grease can accumulate. Ventilation is important in both a residential and commercial setting where a kitchen exhaust fan must be kept well maintained. Below is a video provided by Berkeley Lab that contains extra information on improving Indoor Air Quality. At AirTek, one of our services is Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning for commercial property buildings and we also have the service of Kitchen Hood Cleaning for the residential division. Contact your nearest AirTek Location for any kitchen exhaust or kitchen hood cleaning questions you may have and we can provide an indoor air solution for you.


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