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Tuesday Links: May 28, 2013

Posted on May 28, 2013
by Wendy Stackhouse

While we are doing some research on a topic that is totally new, we thought you might be interested to hear about some air quality issues in the news recently:

While we are reading about GMOs, gluten, additives and allergies and possible links to ADHD, early exposure to air pollution may also be a factor in hyperactivity, according to this article in Time Magazine.

And while we are looking at how air pollution affects our youngest, our oldest citizens may be suffering health effects as well, as we read in this article on TorontoNewsFIX.

While you’re driving around the LA area, you might see this odd-looking vehicle:

Roving Chemistry Lab
Photo by Richard Harris for NPR

No, it’s not a new Alliance truck, it’s a roving chemistry lab out testing for air pollution!

The combination of air pollution and noise pollution may cause increased risk of heart disease.

We hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! See you on Thursday for…


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