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Training in Big Sur

Posted on June 03, 2014
by Wendy Stackhouse

Big Sur is known for its stunning views and the highest coastal mountain in the 48 contiguous states, but last month it was also known for great asbestos training!

Mike Fort and Gio Fanelli visited the Ventana Inn in May to demonstrate hands-on asbestos work and provide training for the maintenance crew in Big Sur, CA.

Mike and Gio showed the crew how to build a mini containment area to keep asbestos from contaminating other parts of a building while it is being removed. They demonstrated glove bag techniques. Glove bags are plastic containers with built-in gloves that allow asbestos removal in a totally isolated and controlled environment.

They also showed the class how to change a HEPA vacuum bag safely and how to mark contaminated areas with signs, tape and dropcloths.

To make sure the maintenance crew would be safe while working, Mike and Gio also showed them how to put on and take off hazardous material disposal suits and how to clean and maintain their respirators.

The demonstration was fun and informative and the crew enjoyed the hands-on approach taken by Mike and Gio over the 16-hour training.

Do your employees need to be trained in safe asbestos removal practices? The Alliance Environmental family of companies can provide you with everything you need. Maybe your place of business will become known for its highly trained staff just like ours!

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