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The Importance of Having a Sealed Ventilation System

Posted on October 15, 2014
by Susana Escamilla

Sealed Ventilation Systems

Having a clean ventilation system is important because it can maintain the indoor air quality at neutral levels and help the system work properly. The importance of a sealed ventilation systems is important in any environment. Having an air duct system sealed also plays an important part in maintaining your environment comfortable. The air we breathe indoors is circulated to maintain proper indoor conditions. Our HVAC systems will operate to heat, cool, dehumidify and filter out contaminants indoors. Contaminants found indoors can be dust, debris and pet dander. However, when a system is not properly sealed many problems can arise and cause the system to perform poorly.Below are the some examples of what happens when ducts are not sealed.


  • Avoid any leaks: When a system leaks it can cause musty and moldy odors.
  • Air leakage: Air will bypass to the air filter and you might see dust covered in several areas when  you have finished cleaning your home.
  • High Energy Bill.
  • Moisture Build-Up
  • Unconditioned air can be drawn into return ducts through the unsealed ducts.

It is important to maintain proper maintenance in HVAC systems but it is also important to have sealed ducts to avoid any issues and to maintain a comfortable healthy environment The National Air Duct Cleaners Association states, ” Many times the air ducts are not installed with proper support, and over time the joints pull apart.”Business owners also can see these same problems and can lead to occupant complaints. If you have any questions regarding your HVAC system, we service many areas in California and industries. Contact us with any of your concerns and questions and we will be of assistance. AirTek strives in creating cleaner, healthier and more energy efficient indoor environments and have been doing so for over 25 years.

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