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The Importance of Duct Cleaning After Restoration and Remodel

Posted on February 01, 2016
by Melissa Asplund

After all the headache and stress of dealing with a restoration or remodel project in your home or building, it is important to ensure the job is complete by having a professional air duct cleaning. Debris and particles from construction projects tend to linger and settle in the HVAC system. Completion of a remodel provides a new and fresh atmosphere, but having the air ducts cleaned after the project is complete ensures that the air that flows into the area is also fresh and clean.

Duct Cleaning After a Fire Loss

Firefighters strongly recommend an air duct cleaning following a fire loss, and the cleaning is often covered by insurance. Due to the expansion from heat, the pressure of a fire can force soot and smoke into the HVAC system. Soot is a very lightweight, aerodynamic particle, which is why it easily flows and settles in the ducts. Additionally, smoke is naturally corrosive and attracted to metal surfaces. It can cohere to the steel and absorb the already existing debris in the system. A forced air ventilation system draws smoke into the return vents and then distributes it throughout the home or building by the supply air ducts. Even if the system was not in use at the time of the fire, there is natural, passive air movement throughout the ventilation structure. A proper cleaning method eliminates the serious damage that soot and smoke can cause to the entire ventilation system.

Duct Cleaning Post Mold Remediation

Mold particles are equally as destructive as smoke and soot. In fact, mold is considered a more common risk since mold spores can grow inside the duct system without being visible or easily detected. Mold quickly multiplies and spreads, which can lead to health issues. The fastest way that mold molecules spread throughout a structure is through the forced air HVAC system. Mold also compromises the ductwork, which can lead to even further problems. Mold can effortlessly become friable and shift to airborne. Most hygienists recommend that air ducts are cleaned after having mold remediated from a property so as to avoid possible cross contamination.

Postliminary Construction Duct Cleaning

It is common for the General Contractor to start running the HVAC system as soon as possible to control moisture during the project. However, running the HVAC system while debris is still in the air can pollute the ductwork. Even though filters and air handlers can help, they cannot prevent all of the dust and debris from settling in the ductwork. Filters alone cannot stop all the construction particulates. It is therefore prudent to schedule a professional air duct cleaning after there has been construction in a building or home so that the airway is remediated and relieved of all debris.

Having a professional air duct cleaning after restoration and remodel projects is key to ensuring safe and clean air. Eliminating the particles caused by these projects will significantly improve the indoor air quality; leaving the building or home safe for all inhabitants. Airtek Indoor Air Solutions is certified by the National Air Duct Cleaning Assocation (NADCA) and is ready to restore your indoor air quality. Call Airtek Indoor Air Solutions at 1-877-858-6213 for your free quote today.

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