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The EPA Proposed Wood Stove Standards

Posted on January 10, 2014
by Susana Escamilla


The air quality in several places in California are moderate to unhealthy according to Air Quality Index today. Last year in the bay area, there were twenty three Spare the Air alerts and beginning this year, five Spare the Air alerts were announced in the Bay Area. In the Bay Area, wood smoke is the major source of air pollution during the winter. Keeping this in mind, I recently read an article by Indoor Environment Connections about new air quality standards. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed standards for new wood stoves and heaters beginning in 2015. Those standards were made by the EPA so that companies that made these heaters and wood stoves are environmentally friendly and are estimated to be 80 percent cleaner than the wood stoves and heaters that are in homes.

This standard will help improve the public’s health and air quality in places like San Francisco and other areas where wood stoves and wood heaters are used. According to the EPA, this proposal will cover several types of new wood-fired heaters. Those included in the proposal are wood stoves, fireplace inserts, indoor and outdoor wood boilers (also called hydronic heaters), forced air furnaces and masonry heaters. This proposal will help consumers save money and less wood would be use to heat homes. Next month in Boston, the EPA will have a public hearing about this proposal and the agency will hold a final issue in 2015. Below is a video with extra information on Wood Stoves and how it affects our indoor air quality.

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