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State of the Air 2013

Posted on December 30, 2013
by Susana Escamilla


While the last few months we have heard news about how unhealthy the air is in several parts of the country and the world and as well as “Spare the Air” alerts, the American Lung Association shares the State of the Air 2013 report. According to their website, for 14 years the American Lung Association has analyzed data from air quality monitors to compile the State of the Air report. This is a great tool to use to learn about the air you breathe and take action to make the air you breathe healthier and protect your health. You can see what grade your area received. You may type in your zip code or search by state. For instance, if type in a zip code that is in the Los Angeles area, most likely the grade is an F. Although, we here how bad the air in Southern California, it is still not a great feeling to receive an F on the air we breathe. The report will give you information about:

  1. High Ozone days

  2. Particle Pollution (24 hours)

  3. Particle Pollution (annual)

  4. Groups at risk

An example of groups at risk are people with asthma, people with Cardiovascular Disease and children and teens. This is just an example of the groups who’s health is at risk. In total, more than 9 million who live in the Los Angeles County health is at risk. This is a great tool to use to see how you can take action and learn more about the air you breathe. To learn more about air quality news you may follow our Facebook Community Page and Twitter page.

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