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Spare the Air Summer Alert in the Bay Area

Posted on May 14, 2014
by Susana Escamilla

Summer came early for many parts of California this year. The temperature is heading triple digits in many places. On Monday, The Bay Are Air Quality Management District issued its first Spare the Air advisory for the summer season starting soon. As of today, the Spare the Air status is still in effect and it is the third alert. They warned people of potential high levels of smog in the Bay Area. The air quality is unhealthy and officials advise residents to carpool and use public transit if possible. Summer months in the Bay Area can be a health problem for many residents in the area because smog then becomes a pollution problem.Spare the Air alerts also alert residents that the day forecasts ozone concentrations exceed the federal health base standards. It is very important for residents to take the alerts serious. If children have respiratory problems make sure to take precaution and keep your indoor environment healthy. Some activities that cause pollution and recommends residents from cutting back are as listed:

  • Driving
  • Using oil based paints
  • Gasoline Powered lawn mowers
  • Household aerosol products

The Spare the Air website also has a map that shows daily ozone patters overlaid on a map of the Ba Area. The colors reflect the air quality index readings. These are ground level ozone maps and you can see the ozone animations patterns that change through out the day. You can see the animation map from yesterday below. To read more topics on air quality make sure to follow our social media sites where we let you know when we post a new blog post via Facebook and Twitter.

Spare the Air


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