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Smog Cloud in Paris and in Other Cities

Posted on March 31, 2014
by Susana Escamilla



The last few months a picture of China went viral. One traveler shared a picture of how polluted the outside was. You could not even see a mile away of how thick the smog is in a city in China. Then these past few weeks, another picture of another popular city has gone viral and received tons of attention. The city of Paris known to have beautiful scenic areas, is now very polluted. The scenic areas are still there but not as visible. Paris is trapped in a blanket of smog, and the French government proposed a strategy. The French government has issued an “alternative driving ban” to deal with emergency pollution levels. The city last week attempted to ban several vehicles and offered free public transportation to help decrease the pollution. Those were different strategies that were used.

The pollution that is seen in Paris and other cities around different countries can be caused by a combination of cold nights and warm days. However, in Paris, many environmentalists agree that most of the city’s air pollution comes from diesel powered vehicles. Hence, why the French government banned almost half of the vehicles on one day to reduce air pollution. In many cities in Southern California, we still struggle to reduce air pollution. We are at risk of air pollution and the health effects that come while being exposed. Below is an informative info-graphic provided by the American Lung Association. To learn more about air pollution and indoor air quality, follow our social media sites Facebook and Twitter where we share more information on these topics.



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