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Smart IAQ Sensor Technology

Posted on April 21, 2014
by Susana Escamilla


Technology and new gadgets have been very popular in the Indoor Air Quality Industry. Since indoor air quality has been a great concern more and more individuals are building and inventing new smart IAQ sensor technology that consumers can use to detect how their air quality is indoors. Recently, the European Commission (EU) funded a project called IAQSense. The EU states, “The project aims to develop new nanotechnology-based sensor systems that will precisely monitor the composition of the air in terms of both chemical and bio contaminants.” This unique system in the future will eventually be mass produced.

This system will be designed to have sensors that will can be placed in a home, office or vehicle and detect the air quality in your present environment.The project aims to characterize, aim and improve indoor air quality in an innovative way. However, the project will be completed in two more years and it will be a great gadget to see because they will try to go mobile as well. It is interesting to see technology evolve. I think this will be a great gadget that consumers can get a sense of how the environment is around them. It will promote the importance of having a healthy indoor air environment. This might be an addition to what professionals already use to detect, measure and monitor indoor air quality. Do you think the IAQ industry will be interested in having this gadget with them, especially if it goes mobile? Follow our social media sites via Facebook and Twitter to read more about indoor air quality and environmental topics. To learn more information on Indoor Air Quality and your health, the info-graphic below illustrates information on IAQ.


Indoor Air Quality and Your Health

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