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Several Orange County Schools Without Air Conditioners

Posted on September 17, 2014
by Susana Escamilla

oc heat wave

Many parts in California have been feeling a heat wave for many days.Summer will be sticking around with us longer than we had expected. During this time it is important to seek areas that will keep you cool and provide air conditioning when possible. Yesterday was the final day of a three-day excessive heat warning issued by the National Weather Service, but several students in Orange County were sitting in classes without an air conditioner.

Sitting in one place without air conditioner for a couple of minutes is uncomfortable when it is hot and humid. This issue brought a lot of attention in finding a long term solution, which is to install air conditioning systems throughout schools in Orange County. The district’s board of trustees has authorized a survey or poll to see what the community think about installing air conditioning systems. I think it is important to invest in the educational school system. Although many schools in the O.C don’t have air conditioner teachers and schools were doing their best to keep cool. The American Environmental Group offers advice on keeping cool:

  • Stay in the shade or in a ventilated, air-conditioned area during the hottest¬† part of the day.
  • Rest as often as possible.
  • Water, water, water.¬† Stay hydrated.
  • If you see someone who do not look well seek for help to make sure they are not suffering from heat stroke or heat exhaustion.
  • Cooling centers are open across Southern California for people without air conditioning. In Los Angeles, people are directed to call 311, while people in many other areas are told to call 211.

Keep cool and keep yourself and others hydrated! You may visit the National Weather Service website to be updated on the latest news for the weather and for any new alerts in your area. If you are a resident in Orange County voters will be able to complete a poll about installing air conditioning systems in several schools. Most importantly at this time,keep cool and keep yourself and others hydrated!

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