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Cleaning Your Ducts before Buying or Selling a House

Posted on May 26, 2017
by Melissa Asplund

Before putting your home on the market, you want to make sure it’s in tip-top shape to look the most desirable for the best offer. Many people do yard work and make small improvements all over the house. An area that is often overlooked, however, is the air ducts. The air duct system is the lungs of a building. Accumulated dust and debris can linger on the lining and break off every time the system is used. Those particulates then become airborne and can cause asthma and allergies.

By getting a professional air duct cleaning before selling your home, you can increase the efficiency of the duct system. People who are sensitive to dust and pollen may view an air duct cleaning as a great selling point as well as showing them the house was well taken care of prior to their purchase. If you have done any construction or remodeling, an air duct cleaning can help flush the system of any contaminants from sawdust or other raw materials. If you had a pet and the new potential buyers are allergic, a thorough cleaning of the duct system can clean the pet dander lingering in the ducting.

For a new home owner, an air duct cleaning can ensure a fresh start and improve the indoor air quality. You have invested a lot of time and money into your new home, and making sure the parts of the house you cannot see with the naked eye are in good, working condition is even more imperative than making sure the visible areas are. In addition, it is common to find potential animal infestations in the ducting system, so you will want peace of mind that your new home is ready and safe for you and your family to move in. Having a new home’s air ducts cleaned creates a clean palette and guarantees no lingering contaminants are building behind the walls.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, a professional air duct cleaning is strongly recommended for improving indoor air quality and keeping your house healthy and comfortable. For a free quote on air duct cleaning in your home by a NADCA professional, call Airtek Indoor Air Solutions at 1-877-858-6213 today.

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