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Selecting Paint: Color Isn’t the Only Thing to Think About

Posted on April 25, 2013
by Wendy Stackhouse
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My best friend and her husband just put in a winning bid on their first home and, of course, they are very excited to start furniture shopping and choosing colorschemes.

But a new home–especially one built since technology gave us the ability to seal them up so effectively–can be a haven for indoor air pollution instead of a healthy living environment.

I’m sure my friends will want to paint. I know their daughter does! Any paint can be made into whatever color you choose, but you also need to think about what is IN that paint and how to deal with it when it is on the walls.

  • Choosing a low- or no-VOC paint these days is not difficult, but you have to be sure to look for it.
  • Make sure the area is well-ventilated while you are painting. Even healthier paints give off fumes.
  • If at all possible, leave windows open for a few days after painting to allow chemicals to off-gas and get outside.
  • Be sure that the fans and ducts in your new home are working and clean. They are a major part of keeping your house energy efficient AND healthy.

I can’t wait to start helping my friends with their move and we are going window shopping on Saturday. Now all I need is a measuring tape…
If you want to learn more about choosing healthier paint for your home, here is a very informative video from the Indoor Air Quality Association:

Have a great weekend and see you on Tuesday!

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