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Scents,Odors and Indoor Air Quality

Posted on January 20, 2014
by Susana Escamilla


Scents and Odors can affect the indoor air quality in your home or where you work. Try to find the source if you have unpleasant indoor odors. These odors might be caused by cleaning products, paints, or office equipment in your work.In addition, sources like garbage disposal and pest infestation can also contribute to bad odors in your environment. If there is a musty smell, check the moisture levels in your surroundings because mold might be growing in places that are either visible or not. In order to control scents and odors is to find the source that is causing unpleasant odors and remove it. Until the source is removed, opening windows and using fans will increase fresh air ventilation in the home, which will help reduce odors. Your environment has to be fully open and ventilated in order for fresh air ventilation.

Some people choose to add odors to their indoor space, such as air fresheners or scented candles. These scented products only mask or cover up other odors by adding more chemicals into the indoor air. They do not get to the source of the odor problem and could be irritating or cause allergic reactions for sensitive people. For instance, places like nail salons have a strong scent of nail lacquer but these places need to be ventilated because nail polishes contain chemicals that can affect the indoor environment. You may read more about this issue in a recent blog post by Wendy. These scents and odors can affect the indoor air quality but individuals who are sensitive for instance to fragrances can have a different allergic reaction than those who are not that sensitive. If you have mold or your HVAC system is not working to properly ventilate your environment, Air-Tek can be of assistance and provide you indoor air quality services. You may contact your local Air-Tek office for more information.

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