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Save Money and Aggravation with Timely Vent Cleaning

Posted on February 18, 2015

Though usually given very little thought by homeowners, the vents located in and around a home are integral to the efficient functioning of home appliances. Vents require regular cleaning and maintenance to perform properly. Here are the three most important vents to keep clean in your home and why you should have them checked on a semi-annual basis:


1. HVAC Vents

Unbeknownst to most homeowners, a modern HVAC system has two sets of vents – also known as ductwork – that operate independently. Each is important in the overall functioning of the system. First, the inflow vents bring fresh air into the furnace for proper combustion. Then the vent sends the poisonous – and potentially deadly – exhaust gases outside via exhaust ducts.

Another completely isolated set of ducts in the HVAC system distributes the heated air to the interior spaces of the home. Both sets of vents must be clean, free of obstructions, and not limited by crimps or other malformations.

2. Appliance Ducts

Similar to HVAC systems, clothes dryers and water heaters must have access to unobstructed vents. The lint produced by clothes in a dryer is a common obstruction, but vents can also be clogged by culprits such as leaves, branches, and other natural debris. A semi-annual inspection by an experienced technician will reveal any problems and prevent hazard. One the problem with your vent is identified, you can clean the it yourself, or let the tech handle the task.

3. Attic Vents

Attic vents usually take two forms – lateral or horizontal. The lateral ones are powered by exhaust fans and the horizontal ones use the passive power of the wind to do most of the work of aeration. In both cases, leaves and other small debris can build up over time, and either obstruct the flow of air, or completely block the movement of the aerator. Regular inspection and cleaning is the easiest way to solve this problem.

Timely air vent cleaning improves the overall efficiency of your appliances and lowers your utility costs. It also provides a more comfortable and allergen-free environment. For more specific information on air vent cleaning and preventative HVAC maintenance, please request an estimate.

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