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Rethinking Facility Management with the IFMA

Posted on April 02, 2013
by Wendy Stackhouse

Facility Fusion

Starting today, we will be with the International Facility Management Association at an event called Facility Fusion: Reth!nk Facility Management.

Here is how the IFMA describes Facility Fusion:

“A vibrant new movement is taking place within the facility management profession. In recent years, trends like change management, sustainability and workplace strategy have been game-changers for FMs.

These ideas have transformed the way we do business and provided new opportunities for success—but it’s up to the facility professional to determine how we get there. It’s time to embrace change, become proactive instead of reactive, and define your own future.”

We are excited to be part of the proactive future of Facility Management and are looking forward to meeting and engaging with others who are excited, too!

Are you attending Facility Fusion 2013? Come by and say Hi! Tell us how it’s going for you on our Facebook Page or Tweet us about how you are Rethinking Facility Management. You can Tweet about the conference by using the hashtag #FF2013. We would love to talk to you! We will be posting pictures and telling our friends and followers how it’s going for us, too!

Hope you had a lovely weekend and no one played any pranks on you yesterday!

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