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Restaurant Fires are Preventable–Clean Your Ducts!

Posted on September 18, 2014
by Wendy Stackhouse

Have you ever lived above a restaurant? I have, twice. One was a lovely experience (espresso and cookies downstairs); the other, not so much (dishwashing water backing up into my bathroom sink every Sunday night like clockwork, blech!).

When I was a small child we had a kitchen fire in my house. I mostly remember the firefighters’ muddy footprints and the black walls and ceiling afterwards, but I know my father was hurt trying to put it out himself before it got too big to handle. Restaurant kitchens are even more prone to fire than home kitchens because of the volume of food they put out in a short time.

According to the National Fire Prevention Association, a vast majority of restaurant fires are caused by cooking equipment and a significant amount of damage by those fires flaring up into dirty stove vents and ducts.

How often should commercial kitchen ducts be cleaned?


Proper maintenance of kitchen ductwork is essential in preventing fires from doing damage to restaurants and other tenants in a restaurant building.

Don’t take any chances in your restaurant! AirTek’s goal: clean and help protect your valuable asset from the threat of fire in your kitchen exhaust system. We clean the hood, plenum, duct risers, filtration system and filters, grease boxes, kitchen equipment, exhaust fans, washable ceilings, floors, commercial kitchens, ductwork, and rooftop.

We are here to help your restaurant thrive and prosper and prevent the thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars of damage even a short-lived fire can wreak.

Wendy Stackhouse is the Online Community Manager for AirTek and our parent company, Alliance Environmental Group, which offers residential and commercial cleaning, pest control, demolition, structural pasteurization and many other environmental challenges. She is very happy to blog, post and Tweet for Alliance and AirTek and celebrates her three year anniversary with them on September 29th!

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