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Residential Ventilation

Posted on June 09, 2014
by Susana Escamilla


Summer is the time where many families travel and go on vacation.  However, in very hot areas, sometimes the best place to stay cool is in your home. You want to keep your home cool and proper ventilation is key. Not only to stay cool but to have a healthy indoor environment. Home ventilation is very important so that you also have good indoor air quality. Un ventilated areas in your home can cause several issues. For example, un vented bathrooms can be a supply for moisture and mold to build up. A poor ventilation system at home can cause pollutants to accumulate and can pose health and comfort problems. Some great benefits of good ventilation systems are:

  • Getting fresh air all the time by proper ventilation at home.
  • Decrease temperature and humidity.
  • Can decreases dust.
  • Comfortable and healthy indoor environment.
  • Better Indoor Air Quality.

The video below provided by the Indoor Air Quality Association, touches this subject on residential ventilation. The Indoor Air Quality Association also discusses standards related to residential ventilation. If you have any questions regarding indoor air quality or want to improve your indoor air quality, AirTek provides several services for our customers.Contact Us and we can be of assistance. Stay Cool during this summer and follow our Google Plus Page to read more topics on indoor air quality.


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