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Research shows low-income residences were disproportionately vulnerable to COVID-19 infestations due to preventable air-quality issues

Posted on July 14, 2021
by Vinay Panday

The memories around the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic will long remain with people around the world. Many Americans, most of us spending more downtime with stay-at-home orders, watched more television than ever before. Maybe we watched daytime talk-show hosts delivering their programs from their LA mansions and New York townhomes. Perhaps we watched reality TV stars quarantine in bedrooms or vacation homes with more square footage than our entire living spaces. As we emerge, still with the fear of the next wave of this virus that won’t seem to go away, we have to wonder: what about those Americans who live without such privilege? In particular, what about the millions of people living in low-income housing, seniors’ homes, or public housing? Research has shown that the virus ran rampant through these types of close-quarter living spaces, much of the time in situations that were highly preventable.

In fact, documentation and evidence outlining the relationship between the airborne transmission of several infectious diseases and enclosed spaces with poor ventilation and multiple residents are abundant. It’s been well reported that poorly ventilated apartments and communal-living residential buildings had, and still have, an exponentially high potential to increase coronavirus transmission. And for families in small and poorly ventilated spaces, especially those sharing bathrooms and kitchens, the risk of COVID-19 being transmitted to members was and still is, greatly heightened.

If these poor circulation scenarios expedite the risk of a virus, one has to wonder, what other harmful effects are they housing? For instance, the kitchen and the bathroom are the two rooms in the home where the most moisture is produced. This means if a virus is spreading, so likely to is toxic mold. The key thing this collection of living situations most typically hold in common is old mechanical air ventilation systems in desperate need of updating. It seems a fairly simple fix to many, but for those people without the means besides writing letters and making phone calls to landlords and officials who never seem to answer, it’s a hopeless situation. What’s worse is that the delay of these simple replacements and repairs now likely requires a massive clean-up and purification job to make a building’s entire interior and ventilation system clean and safe for those who live there.

Now that we’ve witnessed the terrifying, often deadly, impacts many suffered when they contracted the COVID-19 virus, we can appreciate that these types of cleanups, repairs, and replacements are no small of a job. With that, it’s certainly not the time to ignore these scenarios or consider them a DIY project. Our peace of mind, not to mention our legal due diligence, requires calling in the most qualified certified professional who can take care of everything up to the highest national standards.

The best air quality service providers have extensive training and experience to provide any complete air system cleaning and overhaul for small and large facilities. Of course, one of the most effective prevention methods of disasters like a COVID-19 outbreak, or even toxic mold, raging through the building is ongoing maintenance. These professionals can perform a thorough inspection and then recommend an efficient maintenance routine custom-created for any property’s needs as well as according to their air ventilation system from simple to ultra-complex. This includes ensuring the kitchen exhaust vents and hoods, dryer vents, furnace ducts, and HVAC systems are in tip-top shape and working order. Experts can guide building owners and managers to kickstart an effective plan to improve air circulation in bathrooms and kitchens, including repairing old mechanical ventilation systems with broken roof fans and/or clogged air ducts, or determining if replacements are necessary. It’s a property owner’s best defense against any major repair expenses – and liabilities! – that might arise if a virus or mold infestation breaks out or a fire occurs.

Industry leaders in commercial air quality solutions deliver cutting-edge technology and practices that achieve the cleanest, healthiest, and most energy-efficient indoor environments.

Their highly qualified staff are licensed, certified, and dedicated to meeting any building owner’s needs with trained expertise and professionalism. What’s especially exciting as we emerge from the pandemic’s grip are some of the latest tools and techniques that provide optimal air system cleaning for the better health of everyone in the building.

These advanced technologies allow building owners to support their residents to move beyond COVID-19 in the safest ways. Some may opt to install brand new premium air filtration systems with bi-polar ionization that will see ventilation and poor air quality concerns a thing of the past. In fact, research indicates that over 60 percent of Americans believe indoor facilities should implement stronger air-quality controls. This includes high-quality air filtration systems. Along with this desire, nearly as many people indicated they prioritize the energy savings, and sustainability associated with these newer systems is highly important. In addition, another exciting development leading air quality service providers have moved towards is light-based disinfection tools and practices.

Everyone deserves safer, cleaner air quality solutions no matter where they spend their time indoors.

Hiring the ultimate professional air quality service provider offers property owners and managers on a budget the most cost-effective and timely way to meet their own constraints while keeping those inside their buildings safe and healthy. After a careful and thorough inspection, a company like Air-Tek can outline the most realistic and rational approach, including appropriate cleaning, repair, and replacement recommendations customized to each individual project. The next step is the provision of a fair estimate without the “bait-and-switch” tactics used by some companies, unfortunately all too often. After all the remediation steps have been taken to repair the air system and return the interior space to its cleanest, safest, and healthiest state, the air quality service provider will provide all the necessary documentation for any insurance, regulatory, and legal needs today and for the future.

After the last year and a half of high stress and confinement, everyone deserves to breathe easy and maintain a healthy environment, especially at home. Nothing is as important, or taken for granted, like the air we breathe. Don’t wait for an expensive breakdown or a devastating health crisis to act. An ounce of prevention can pay back in terms of money and peace of mind big time. Click here to learn more.

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