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Renovation and Air Quality in Healthcare Buildings

Posted on April 02, 2014
by Susana Escamilla



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Renovation in healthcare buildings has been a concern in the industry because it has become a challenging issue for building owners and facility managers. There has been a link to infection rates due to construction practices and renovation projects.According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that more than 2 million patients a year acquire infections in U.S. hospitals when they are hospitalized. Patients who are hospitalized can be at risk when they are susceptible to infections, have respiratory issues and other respiratory complications.

Other factors that can contribute to poor indoor air quality in healthcare facilities is the potential growth of fungal and mold in areas of a building. Any area in a building that is water-damaged and left wet for three days has a high rate of airborne fungal spores to be distributed in the air. Poor ventilation and poor maintenance of HVAC systems and other systems that maintain the air clean makes any building a sick building. Acquiring a detailed Indoor Air Quality Management Plan and model is important to prevent any issue that may arise when there is a renovation or construction project in any healthcare building. The Penn State College of Engineering shares a brief overview of an example that a Model for IAQ Management in Construction should take place:

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In any healthcare environment, maintaining indoor air quality is integral in preventing the spread of airborne disease, especially in critical areas of hospitals, in which patients are immunocompromised. At AirTek we understand the importance of the health of everyone working in the healthcare industry. The company can provide a complete solution to indoor air quality. Contact us to learn more about the complete healthcare services that AirTek can provide for any healthcare facility.

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