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Reducing Exposure to Air Pollution

Posted on May 08, 2014
by Wendy Stackhouse

sidewalkAt AirTek we are always thinking about ways to improve indoor and outdoor air and reduce the health effects of the many contaminants we encounter every day. Car exhaust is one of those contaminants.

Especially here in the Los Angeles area, where our corporate offices are located, we deal with car exhaust issues every day. If you don’t live here, you might never have heard of a “SigAlert,” but we hear about them every day. They refer to traffic congestion, but where there is traffic, there is also a big build up of car exhaust.

What can you do to reduce your exposure to car exhaust?

The same things we do to produce less car exhaust can help: carpool when you can, ride a bike, don’t idle when waiting for kids to get out of school or just to keep your air conditioning on on a hot day. But we have a simple one that can help your health and exposure quite easily: step away from the curb.

Dr Kilbane-Dawe, a British researcher who has studied the public health risks of car exhaust, reports that there can be as much as one third less air pollution from car exhaust on the building side of a sidewalk than on the road side. He also recommends closing the vents in your car when you are stuck in traffic.

We don’t do a lot of walking here in Los Angeles, but when we do, we really ought to take this advice and you should, too, wherever you live. Walk on the inside and keep away from the carbon monoxide and particles in your environment as much as possible. You can never be too careful about your air quality!

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