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Quality Control and Fire Safety

Posted on October 23, 2013
by Susana Escamilla

Fire Prevention Week just passed, however it is always important to always have in mind fire safety. In a previous blog, we talked about how ventilation is an important component in the kitchen. Another important component that is also important that I read in the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association Fall 2013 Issue, is quality control. Quality control is an important component to not only the company who is working on cleaning the kitchen exhaust and all its components but also to owner of the company and to every person who walks into any restaurant or environment that has a kitchen. The most critical part is ensuring that the work that was done meets minimum standards and also have proper verification. In order to meet the minimum standards all grease and flammable material has to be removed. Any small amount of grease or flammable material can spark a flame and cause a fire to spread through out a building.

While reading an article about quality control in this field, there are still companies that act very professional but do a very poor job. It is something that is not acceptable because any fire can be a catastrophe. In a case study discussed in this article, a hamburger venue had four years of buildup throughout the system. A company was hired to clean, and re clean the system and the company failed to clean the entire system. The system was left in a dangerous condition. There was no quality control and no communication with the vendor and the owner of the hamburger venue. So what procedures should be executed when a exhaust system is being cleaned? According to this article there are several procedures and steps that should be taken in order to meet the minimum standard:

1. Properly Trained crews

2. Properly trained inspectors/quality control staff

3. Proper Equipment to complete the entire KEC project

4. Before and after pictures of the project to verify that the exhaust system was cleaned

5. Proper Hood Certification and Proper KEC report left on the job site.

These are just a few of the minimum quality control procedures that should be executed while doing a kitchen exhaust hood cleaning. We learn that quality control is a critical component in ensuring the safety of everyone who in this case works and eats inside a restaurant. Not following the right procedures can lead to property damage and even taking the life of someone. At AirTek, one of our services is Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning for commercial property buildings and we also have the service of Kitchen Hood Cleaning for the residential division.We are in compliance with national health and safety standards when operating any service.


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