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Protect Yourself from Fire Smoke

Posted on September 25, 2013
by Susana Escamilla




Do you know how to protect yourself from fire smoke? These past few days, a brush fire burnt almost 40 acres in the city of Azusa. Any brush fire is going to affect the air quality. Several residents were ordered to voluntarily evacuate their home. One resident who lives in Azusa, took three hours to arrive at her home and was concerned with the air quality around her because her child has asthma. Smoke from fire can affect your health and the health of your family. According to AIRNow, there are several steps and tips that you may take to limit yourself from the affects of smoke:

1.Pay attention to local air reports-Apps like the weather channel and the Air Quality Index gives you a guide to understand how the air quality is in your area. The Weather Channel App gives you alerts if pollen levels are high and also give you visibility guides.

2. Listen to the advise given to you– If you are told to evacuate from the fire department, seek alternative shelter. Keeping your windows closed can be dangerous when the weather gets hot.

3.Don’t pollute your home even more-Whether you are in a safer area or far away from the fire, smoke can still travel inside your home. When smoke levels are high, do not use gas stoves, candles or vacuum because fine particles can build up in your home

4. Become aware of respiratory symptoms-Whether you or one of your family have asthma or other lung disease follow the instructions provided by your doctor and follow any asthma management plans as well.

Above are several steps to keep you aware of what you can do when there is a brush fire around your area and limit yourself from being affected by the smoke. At AirTek, we understand the importance of air quality but as well as the indoor air quality in your home or commercial building. You may contact us to gain more information on the indoor air solutions we can provide for you.

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