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Prevent Germs from Spreading in the Office

Posted on January 27, 2014
by Susana Escamilla

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In previous blogs, we have talked about office environments and how different sources may help the air quality in the office. We have also blogged about how different materials that are found in a office environment can affect the indoor air quality. In a recent study done by The University of Arizona, germs spread fast in a office environment. There are thousands of individuals who work in a office environment and when someone comes to the office sick you know someone will end up being sick. If not one person then everyone takes turns getting sick. Right?

The study that was done at the University was really interesting because individuals sometimes forget that doing a regular regime can prevent someone from getting sick. They’re were eighty participants who were part of a study and one person received a droplet that contained artificial viruses that mimic the cold and the flu. After those participants went back to their daily routine at the office and those participants touched several surfaces, more than fifty percent of surfaces and employees were infected with the virus. An associate part of this study states, “We put more people in bigger facilities, so we have more opportunities for trading germs than ever before.” This is all preventable in the office and in any work environment. The same is with air quality in public places. Maintaing the HVAC system can prevent a comfortable environment and help those who have allergic reactions to common pollutants, we can prevent moisture and mold from building up and we can help improve the air quality indoors with the proper information and education. Preventing germs from spreading in the office will not only help individuals from getting sick but also create a healthier comfortable environment.


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