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Preparation and Rapid Response Leads to Successful Containments in Hospital

Posted on October 06, 2015
by Melissa Asplund

In September 2015, Airtek Indoor Air Solutions responded to an emergency call from a local hospital who was experiencing a flood in a major area of the building.   Airtek built successful containments in order to stop the flooding and minimize the damage to the building. Airtek’s quick response, experience, and professional knowledge effectively turned what could have been a costly and serious disaster, into a manageable restoration so that the hospital could continue to function and service its patients. 

Within two hours after receiving the call, Airtek Indoor Air Solutions was on site and was able to preserve and protect the existing ductwork. There was a water leak from the roof that was determined to be the cause of the flooding.  When Airtek arrived on the scene, the courtyard inside the hospital contained about 3-4 inches of water, with surrounding effected areas including a waiting room, a number of patient rooms, as well as the main lobby.

An Airtek representative coordinated with the director and project manager in facilities to install sandbags and remove debris from the drains. Traffic was directed around the equipment being utilized so that the responding plumbing company could pump the water out of the area.

After the sandbags were installed and the debris and water were addressed, Airtek commenced demobilizing the patient rooms. Dehumidifiers and HEPA machines were set up to circulate the air and dry out the walls.  Airtek’s response team came equipped with the appropriate devices and machinery to ensure there were no delays and to reduce further damage. It was Airtek’s ability to be prepared and look ahead at their client’s future needs that awarded them this project.

After the dehumidifiers and HEPA scrubbers were installed, successful containments were built in all of the affected areas in order to isolate the work area. A total of nine containments were built. The time frame from the initial phone call to the completion of the containments was about one shift (eight hours).

The walls were left to dry for the remainder of the day to determine which could be saved. The next morning moisture readings were taken to assess the extent of the water damage and determine where drywall needed to be removed. Airtek eliminated the impaired drywall where necessary and monitored the dehumidifiers to ensure the area behind the walls were completely dry.

After a third party company replaced the damaged drywall, Airtek cleaned and removed their successful containments. The project lasted two days total and the hospital was appreciative of Airtek Indoor Air Solutions ability to quickly respond and contain the emergency. Airtek Indoor Air Solutions’ experienced and professional team is ready to assist in responding to emergency projects, or any water restoration project that you or your clients may need. Call 1-877-858-6213 for more information on how Airtek can help contain a potential disaster for you.

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