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Power Washing- Creating a professional image

Posted on July 30, 2013
by Susana Escamilla

Many individuals are house hunting and many retailers are getting ready for the summer sales and bringing in the fall fashion. However, not many house owners or business owners have power washing in mind. I’ve gone to many shopping malls and have seen many business buildings unmaintained. The exterior of your home or commercial building is key to bringing in potential homebuyers or potential customers.

For instance, power washing your commercial building can create a professional image for your company. A client or customer will have their own first impression depending on the exterior of a building. It can give the impression that as a business property owner if you can take care of your business property then you can take care of your customer’s needs, which gives a positive impression. Mildew, dirt and mold can damage the exterior of a building but power washing cleans of any residue and will extend the years of a building without over paying costly repairs.

Above is an example of a before and after using power washing on a couple of stairs. The after looks very well. Now those are just stairs, imagine your commercial building looking like new. It’s something that is noticeable and can create a professional image for your business. Visit our website and if you would like to have your commercial building “polished” contact Air-tek. Follow us on our Facebook Community Page for other services and events that Air-tek offers.

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