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Pollution Levels Are High in Anaheim

Posted on May 21, 2014
by Susana Escamilla


Image Source:Smart Traveler

Southern California is known for beautiful sigh seeing places, but also known as having the worst traffic. Many commuters specifically travel through the I-5 Freeway near Anaheim. Recently, air quality monitors, detected the pollution high. One of the monitors that detected the high pollution levels is near Disneyland, on Ball Road exit. Personally, I use to live around that area knowing that not only I but so many who work around that area and live around that area were exposed to high nitrogen dioxide levels. The measurements taken in that area are 60% higher than the region as a whole!

The EPA collects these measurements and several monitors across the state have been put to measure pollutants. The South Coast Air Quality Management District states in their website, “NO2 is one of several routinely monitored “criteria” pollutants that the US EPA links to human health impacts, and also is a key ingredient in the production of the secondary criteria pollutant, Ozone.” Although, it is a great concern and also a concern for residents who live around busy roads and freeways, it is also a concern for schools.

The results of the monitors can give local city planning officials ways on implementing the results near traffic. More and more individuals are understanding the impact that pollution can have to a whole region. In the beginning of the year, cities across the country were required to install monitoring devices around major roads to monitor nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and fine particle pollution. Air Pollution has dropped significantly than past years, but there is a lot of work for state and federal officials to determine what plans need to be done in order to reduce individuals who live around major traffic roads and freeways from being exposed to pollutants. To read more topics on air quality and indoor air quality visit AirTek Weekly

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