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Pollution in the Bay Area

Posted on January 24, 2014
by Susana Escamilla

san fran pollution


It has been very windy and dusty in the San Joaquin Valley. Wildfires in Southern California was affecting the air not too long ago and recently the Bay area’s weather has been dry and hazy. Overall, pollution in these areas have been greatly affected. The Bay area’s winter has not been a great one. Starting this year there has been around eight Spare the Air alerts in the Bay Area. However, the total of Spare the Air alerts beginning November first and last week, has been a total of twenty seven alerts. This means that it is illegal to burn wood or fire logs. Residents in the Bay area need to refrain from burning wood to help the air. It is a matter of trying to help residents who have respiratory issues feel better when they go out. Cyclists, runners and anyone who is doing outdoor activities need to be more cautious when they’re Spare the Air alerts.

When there is rain, most of the time the rain will draw pollutants out and help the environment but last year and this year has been the driest. As a result, a drought may occur and water restrictions might be recommended. Many are concern of not only the pollution that is outside but also the air quality indoors. Indoor air pollution is the fourth is a health factor and that is why many who live in the Bay area need to understand that lighting up a fire place when there is a Spare the Air alert will not only affect the environment around you but your neighbor who may have respiratory problems or heart problems.At Air-tek we are always concern of the indoor air quality and outdoor air quality of any environment. We offer indoor air services through out California. You may contact your local office by visiting us HERE.;

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