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Part 3: New Technology for the HVAC Industry

Posted on May 30, 2014
by Susana Escamilla



Happy Friday!

New technology is being produced for the HVAC Industry and one of the new technologies are robot duct cleaners. Their are no regulations in the industry when it comes to proper cleaning and using robotic equipment might be the best way to get government regulations.On the second part of this topic we talked about how there are different robots that are made by different manufacturers but they were not designed well. An article addressing this same topic on DuctTales by Steven Scanlan states, “A quality design for a robot is one that resolves all the challenges the robot will face. With lower duct cleaning costs and reduced length through high efficiency equipment, governments will be far more regular and widespread duct cleaning.” When there are jobs that require cleaning the duct that are in high ceilings the best solution will be to use a robot. Many duct cleaners outside of the United States have used a robotic device called the ANATROLLER and have been very pleased. This robot can save working hours and have the flexibility to clean very small and large ducts while giving great visibility in the ducts with cameras.

In Canada and Europe where government regulation of proper cleaning is being enforced, these devices are being used more frequently. Robotics Design Inc. makes different robots to serve different jobs. For example, there is a robot that can be used for commercial and industrial ducts. Another robot that is best used for residential homes and another robot to access any job whether the duct is small or very large. Overall, using well designed robot mobile duct cleaners can show clients the highest quality of work and a company can show their concern for their health, because professional’s can be exposed to toxic substances in hazardous environments like hospitals or other buildings that produce hazardous products. You may read more about these mobile robots by visiting the Robotics Design Inc website.. What is your opinion about using mobile robot duct cleaners? Have you used this device and has it worked for you? Let us know what you think about these devices that can be used in the industry and whether it might help get government regulations in the states for proper duct cleaning.

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