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Part 2: Robot Duct Cleaning and Government Regulations

Posted on May 28, 2014
by Susana Escamilla


Image Source: Good Choice EST

Hope everyone had a great memorial day weekend. Today we wanted to expand the topic about government enforcement on NADCA duct cleaning standards. Last Friday, we talked about how duct cleaners have to take standards serious and follow guidelines provided by NADCA so that the government can acknowledge the industry and government regulations can exist on proper duct cleaning. You may read more about it by clicking here..The second part of this topic is equipment. There are different equipment that professionals use in order to clean ducts. Robots are slowly being adapted into the cleaning equipment in the industry.

Duct cleaners have the option to buy duct cleaning robots from different suppliers. However, duct cleaning robot manufacturers are unregulated and several do not like  Government regulations may be difficult to exist when duct cleaning done by robots may not clean proper and there have been complains about them. These are some cons on duct cleaning robots:

  • Break down quickly
  • Get stuck in the duct
  • May not clean the duct deeply enough (Cleaning of Ducts is extremely important in the healthcare industry)
  • Clients needs may not be met with the duct cleaning robots
  • Price Point
  • Flip Over and do not have the maneuverability needed

Poorly designed duct cleaning robots will prevent from any regulations placed by the government. If duct cleaning robots can not get the job done correctly the government will unlikely enforce cleaning standards. A well developed robot can be the best option that can ensure proper duct cleaning and be an investment for duct cleaners. Stay tune for the final part on this discussion. If you would like to read more about indoor air quality and about the HVAC Industry follow us on Facebook andTwitter.

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