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Ozone is an indoor air contaminant

Posted on November 27, 2013
by Susana Escamilla



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When we think about ozone, we think about the ozone layer of the earth that protects us from the harmful sun rays. However, that can be considered good ozone and also called stratospheric ozone. “Bad” Ozone is an indoor contaminant that can be found in many big cities. When one is exposed to high levels of ozone it will not only affect the environment but our health. Several studies have shown that being exposed to ozone, can cause respiratory problems, trigger asthma to become worse in individuals and cause lungs to become swollen or inflamed.The bad ozone that is emitted to our environment can come from cars, power plants, gas stations and other sources. When nitrogen oxides as mentioned and volatile organic compounds(VOC’s) combine and are in contact with heat or sunlight these two components become ozone. Below is a recent uploaded video by the Indoor Air Quality Association that gives more details about ozone.

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