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Ozone Depletion Can Cause Poor Indoor Air Quality Conditions

Posted on July 09, 2014
by Susana Escamilla

There are many events that affect the indoor air quality of our homes and also many events that can affect the air quality for everyone else who is outdoors. One of those events are wildfires. Wildfire season in California started early this year. One of the recent communities affected by the wildfires from southern California and surrounded areas is Butte County. The air quality in Butte County has been unhealthy for sensitive groups of people. Wildfires can worsen air quality because it can affect the ozone layer. Wildfires release harmful compounds in the air and can reach the ozone layer, causing ozone depletion and destroy oxygen producers. This means that the earth’s surface is hotter. In other words, wildfires can cause ozone pollution that can violate the state’s health standards.

There are several tools that you can use to understand the air quality around your area. We have talked about several innovative apps and the air quality index in previous blog posts. To add to that list and to understand how ozone depletion can cause poor air quality conditions you may use a tool by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrator’s (NOAA’s) Weather Service Air Quality Forecast Guidance. Below is an example of the average ozone concentration in the state of California and several states around California. When one is exposed to high levels of ozone it will not only affect the environment but our health. To read more topics on air quality make sure to follow our social media sites where we let you know when we post a new blog post via Facebook and Twitter.

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