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November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Posted on November 05, 2014
by Susana Escamilla

lung cancer awareness month

Thousands are exposed to air pollution every day and the increase of urbanization pose a risk for lung cancer development.In addition, for researchers air pollution is hard to study because it is a mixture of many components. The main sources of air pollution include nitrogen dioxide, ozone gas and carbon monoxide. We can try to reduce the levels of air pollution by creating less of it. We can tackle air pollution by walking, running or cycling. Fresh air is such an important component in our lives that we all should have but sometimes we do not because of our surrounding environments. November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month and we wanted to share tips on how you can help.


  • Know when the air is unhealthy: Find your air quality forecast so you can stay safe. If you are exercising, avoid exercising near busy highways and limit your time spending outdoors if the air forecast is unhealthy.
  • Cut the pollution you produce: Drive less and carpool. Use less electricity and don’t burn wood or trash because they are the largest sources of particles.
  • Speak Up for Healthy Air:Get involved locally, share information and stories about why you want healthier air

Keeping the air indoors clean is also important because we can control it.Replenishing your environment with clean air is our top priority when we are working with companies and with all clients. If there are people who are complaining about breathing issues or other health problems they might not be receiving fresh air. When there are employees who are complaining about breathing issues, they might have respiratory issues and that means it might be time to conduct a HVAC check up to create a healthier environment. Take action to fight for healthier air outdoors and indoors. Visit our Airtek website for more information on the services we provide and visit the American Lung Association website for more information on how you can get involve to fight for better air.

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