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New Carpeting? How are you feeling?

Posted on October 17, 2013
by Wendy Stackhouse
Image by w. dinkel
Image by w. dinkel

Our friends at the Indoor Air Quality Association have hit it out of the park again! Carpeting & Indoor Air Quality is a short but very informative video about what gets released into your indoor air when you get new carpeting:

According to the Ecology Center:

Carpets can emit VOCs for five years or possibly more, although the off-gassing decreases significantly several months after installation.

The Environmental Protection Agency advises:

Ventilating well for a minimum of 72 hours after installation–leave windows open and use fans to blow the chemicals outside.

Use fans during installation to get rid of the fumes from adhesives.

Vacuum with a HEPA filter vac right after installation.

Steam clean the carpet right away to remove much of the VOCs.

Take a vacation!

The chemicals off-gassing from new carpeting can cause irritation, allergic reactions and even asthma attacks in sensitive people. If you know someone in your family is likely to react to these volatile organic compounds, send them to stay with a friend for a few days and be sure to take the above precautions to minimize the effects of VOCs on your indoor environment. We have more tips for reducing the impact of VOCs on your indoor air HERE.

Like new-car-smell, new-carpeting-smell is a reminder that we have improved our living space, but it is also a sign that our indoor air quality is at risk. Plan to replace your carpeting during a season when you will be comfortable leaving the windows open and the fans running!

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