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National Care About Your Indoor Air Month

Posted on February 06, 2014
by Wendy Stackhouse
Remodelaholic indoor air infographic

We came across a great blog post at offering 25 ways to improve your indoor air quality and thought you might like to hear our favorite tips:

  • Change your filters–and we agree with them that you should change them more frequently than usual during renovation or construction projects or if you have recently installed new flooring, wall coverings or furniture.
  • Leave shoes outside–the Japanese have this one right. We bring a lot of dirt but also other contaminants, bacteria and allergens into our homes on our shoes. Switch to inside shoes or slippers at the door or in the hall and avoid depositing these contaminants throughout the house.
  • Use fans–when cooking or showering, keep the ventilation fans running and leave them on for a little while after you are done to make sure pollution from the stove and moisture from the shower get outside where they can dissipate instead of polluting your indoor environment or allowing mold spores to take hold.
  • Cook on back burners–The fan and vent over your stovetop work best at removing pollution from cooking on the back burners than the front. It’s a bit more awkward, but better for your air quality.
  • Open the garage doors–We all know to open the garage before starting the car, but how about leaving the door open after you get home? There is still pollution coming from your car for a few minutes after you turn it off. Let it escape outside rather than leach into your home from the garage.

And our favorite:

  • Clean your ducts–Find a member of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (like AirTek) and set up a regular maintenance schedule. Your home is filled with pollutants from scented candles and air fresheners, household cleaning products, furniture and flooring, paint and varnish, car exhaust and cooking.

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