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Moisture Damage in Buidlings

Posted on January 31, 2014
by Susana Escamilla



When materials in a building get wet then complications begin to rise. Moisture damage in a building can cause adverse health effects that include nasal and throat symptoms, coughing and asthma symptoms. In order for individuals to not feel these symptoms, sometimes the moisture in a building needs to be monitored. A building does not completely have to be dry but dry enough so that there are no health affects and no damage to a building. When a area in a building gets wet and moisture accumulates mold can begin to grow and damages several parts of a building.The United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Moisture Control Guidance for Building Design, Construction and Maintenance lists several components of a building that can be damaged by moisture:

  • Prolonged damp conditions can lead to the colonization of building materials and HVAC systems by molds, bacteria, wood-decaying molds and insect pests.
  • Water soluble building materials can return to solution.
  • Chemical reactions with building materials and components can cause, for example, structural fasteners, wiring, metal roofing and conditioning coils to corrode and flooring or roofing adhesive to fail.
  • Wooden materials can warp,swell or rot.
  • Paints and varnishes can be damaged.
  • The insulating value of thermal insulation can be reduced.

These are all examples of was moisture damage can do to a building. When there is damage on any building it can be costly and water damage can be expensive depending how big the area is affected. The key is to diagnose the moisture problem and fix it quickly so no more damage is done to the building. Once the moisture problem is fixed monitoring and controlling the moisture of a building will prevent any damage to the building and any health concerns to individuals.

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